With BookMyCity's software for Spa's, business owners can manage their business with ease. Get more clients, accept online bookings and even process payments online- Sign Up Today!



Dermatology Clinics

Dermatology clinics are constantly struggling with filling up appointments for their clinic, BookMyCity solves that problem by auto reminding customers when they should come back - Try it for free today!



Hair and Beauty Salons

Hair salon owners have many options to manage their business, but an easy to use software that has all the features they need comes with a hefty price tag! Well, wonder no more, BookMyCity has the option you're looking for with it's affordable salon software - Try it for free today!



Nail Salons

Nail Salons can get very busy, that's where BookMyCity's excellent software comes to the rescue - add your services and your schedule and let your customers book online!



Makeup Artists

Makeup artists are always on the go and it's hard to keep track of all the upcoming appointments - BookMyCity solves that!



Hair Removal Clinic

Hair removal clinics have a LOT of appointments per day, keeping track of them all could the a daunting task, BookMyCity solves all of your appointment needs by auto reminding customers, accepting online bookings and giving you an easy to use business management software! Try it for free!



Tattoo Studios

Managing a tattoo business is a breeze with BookMyCity, simply add your services, employees and business hours to save time and money! Try it for free today!




An affordable, easy to use gym software? Yup, it's called BookMyCity - Try it for free today!



Yoga Studios

An easy to use, affordable and sexy booking software for yoga studios is one that's hard to come by, but dont worry, BookMyCity has you covered! Try it for free!



Dance Studios

Dance studio owners have always had a problem with managing their studio, that's where BookMyCity comes into play! - Try it for free!



Martial Arts

An easy to use software for martial arts studios is very expensive, BookMyCity solves it AND it's great!



Personal Trainers

Personal trainers have a busy life managing their clients, but it doesn't have to be this way - simply use BookMyCity for that!



Private Lessons and Tutors

BookMyCity is trusted by hundreds of privat tutors around the world, it helps with keeping your booking synced, your revenues tracked and your business growing.



Fitness Classes

Managing a fitness business with BookMyCity is really simple, just list your services and get your clients booking them from an easy online interface!



Music Lessons

Our software is perfectly suited for music tutors. BookMyCity can easily help you manage your business!



Private Lessons

Private tutors love using BookMyCity to manage their operations, it's as simple as signing up!



Cooking Classes

Cooking class coordinators use BookMyCity for scheduling their clients and managing their business, it's really simple!




Artists manage their business using BookMyCity, you can easily create schedule appointments and see your revenue in real time!



Event Planners

Event planners have plenty of options when it comes to designing their event, but managing their business? That's done with BookMyCity!



Tour Guides

Tour guides LOVE BookMyCity's online discovery feature, which helps them promote their business and get new clients finding their tours even faster!




Photographers use BookMyCity to schedule their clients in allocated time slots, manage their business and grow their bottom line!




Chiropractors use BookMyCity to manage their clients, manage their business and reschedule appointments



Massage Therapists

Massage therapists use BookMyCity's software to manage their clients and getting them to come back and book more appointments online



Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine professionals book their appointments with ease using BookMyCity, and they get to enjoy the awesome business management tools



Physiotherapy Clinics

Physiotherapy clinics have a few options to manage their appointments, but it's not as easy as BookMyCity




Optometrists get more clients through BookMyCity,they enjoy the added promotion it gives their business!



Dental Care

Dentists get added promotion simply by listing their services on BookMyCity. It also has appointment management and incredible features that dentists love




When nutritionists use BookMyCity they love the exposure it gives them!




Psychiatrists manage their appointments through BookMyCity, manage their clients and manage their time





Babysitters can use BookMyCity's appointment manager to schedule their clients and help their business grow



Veterinary Clinics

Veterinarians have a few options when it comes to getting new clients, BookMyCity comes in handy and fills that gap



Limo And Bus Companies

Do you offer transportation options like a bus or a limo? List it on BookMyCity to get new clients booking online!



Senior and Adult Care

Listing your services through BookMyCity to manage your senior care business has never been easier



Food and Caterers

Manage your food and catering business with BookMyCity, schedule your clients, manage your bookings and grow your business!




Do you have a moving and storage business? List it on BookMyCity to get exposure to new clients




Electricians use BookMyCity to manage their bookings and get new clients, schedule appointments and get their existing customers booking online




Plumbers use BookMyCity to manage their bookings and their clients, simply list your services and get a new revenue stream!




Booking software to manage your appointments in the construction business



Interior Designers

Manage your interior design business with BookMyCity. Get new clients and get your old clients booking more of your services



Computer Technicians

Computer technicians book their appointments through BookMyCity. Really, it's never been easier then that!



Automotive and Car Mechanics

If you own an automotive business, then BookMyCity is for you. You can manage your bookings and schedule your clients.




Real Estate Agents

Real estate use BookMyCity to schedule clients, appointments and even showings of new houses!




Business Consultants

Business consultants use BookMyCity to schedule consultations online and re-engage with their clients




Web Developers

Web developers can use BookMyCity to get additional exposure and get their clients booking online




Lawyers use BookMyCity to list their services and schedule consultations - online!


What is BookMyCity?

About BookMyCity

What is BookMyCity?

BookMyCity is your fast-pass to skip the line and book online. Browse businesses and service providers in your area, and book your next appointment right on the spot. You can search by category, location, availability, price and reviews. It doesn't get any easier than that!

How to use BookMyCity?

BookMyCity makes it easy to find the service you're looking for. Choose from many popular categories, or simply enter whatever it is you're looking for into the search, and we'll do the rest. Browse the results, filter based on your unique needs, and once you're ready to book - just BOOK!

Why should I offer online booking?

Because it's simple to book absolutely anything! Book your next spa visit, dog grooming session, guitar lesson, helicopter tour or eye exam - Online! No more browsing 12 different websites and calling 7 different places just to figure out availability and book an appointment. Choose from thousands of service providers in your area, select the availability that works for you, and book!

Who uses BookMyCity?

Everyone who benefits from the simplicity and convenience of booking online!

Our Plans

Features Free Pro Premium
Cost Free $39.99/mo. $59.99/mo.
Number of Services Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Staff Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Domain Name true true true
Business Listing true true true
Setup Assistance true true true
Business Dashboard true true true
Calendar true true true
Email/SMS Appt. Reminders true true true
Email Support true true true
Customer Booking Online true true true
Phone Support del true true
Business Booking del true true
CRM del true true
POS del del true
Deals & Coupons del del true
Email Campaigns del del true
Multiple User Sign in del del true
Free Trial Lifetime 30 Days 30 Days
Cost Free $39.99/mo. $59.99/mo.

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