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Microsoft Excel Tutoring

Need to improve your Excel skills at work or at school? Need somebody to help you put together an impressive presentation using Excel charts, graphs, and tables? We can help!

We offer 1-on-1 tutoring services to help you become a pro. We don't just teach you the clicks, commands, and formulas involved in Excel, we show you how to apply it to your goal. Our services are productive and helpful no matter the skill level, and we can tailor them to fit your needs specifically.

Sessions are usually done in person, but can also be done using remote assistance. There are often situations where people have a deadline that they need to meet without enough time for an in person visit. Online sessions are perfect for these situations.

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Business Consulting and Odd Jobs provides an "as needed", Excel based consulting service to businesses who wish to increase their profitability and become more efficient in their processes.

At we know that the best way to learn Excel is to use your own business as the example. Courses in Excel are rarely focused on your specific requirements, and so it can be very difficult to translate them into practical solutions you can use. We take the time to learn about your business and show you exactly how Excel can help.

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