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Reiki is an ancient body-centered meditation whereby the practitioner lays their hands on or above focal points on the body, naturally bringing you into a deeply meditative and reflective state. Often the Reiki experience is difficult to describe, as it effects everyone in a unique way, so it is hard to tell you what exactly will happen during your Reiki treatment. However, most people would say that it is a very relaxing experience, and it has often been used to help with insomnia, headaches, stress relief, physical pain relief, emotional pain release, for those who have trouble calming their mind and body, as well as many other benefits. Reiki can be extremely helpful for those who are seeking healing, and for those who are looking for the Heart of the Self. For this reason, I would recommend anyone try Reiki at least once in their lives, just so that they can feel the transformational energies it awakens.

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