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Anna works from an integral perspective. She believes that life is a journey along a path towards health and well-being or wholeness. Our ability to stay on this path is affected by past experiences of trauma, loss or suffering (within the contexts of heart, mind, body, soul or community). Healing is about regaining a firm footing on this path. Anna works with individuals and families that may be experiencing a variety of concerns or issues. Some focuses include: • Health and Wellness Through coaching and counselling Anna will work with you to help you manage stress, anxiety, depression, low energy, changes in mood, eating and sleeping problems and other issues that you may identify. • Prenatal and Postpartum Issues Building on her many years of primary practice midwifery, Anna will help you address issues related to all aspects of conceiving, gestating, birthing and mothering, including postpartum adjustment and depression as well as the impact of childhood sexual abuse on childbearing and mothering. • Parenting Drawing from her many years as a midwife as well as her own mothering experiences, Anna is available to help you with issues arising in your motherhood, including mothering with a disability and mothering a child with special needs. • Children and adolescent issues Anna enjoys working with children and youth with learning and other disabilities; in this work, she draws on years of experience coaching and tutoring children and youth at an after-school program as well as her own parenting experiences with children with ADHD, ASD and Asperger Syndrome, Down Syndrome and Hearing Loss. • Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender and Questioning A queer friendly environment allows you to explore thoughts and feelings about identity, relationships, family of origin issues, school / work place difficulties, coming out and parenting. • School and work concerns Through counseling and coaching, Anna will work with you to help you address both practical and relational issues including addressing how learning or social differences may affect your school or work experiences. • Premarital Counselling Anna works with couples, including same-sex and interfaith couples using a variety of educational, coaching and counselling tools to help you focus on creating a relationship including such issues as communication, roles, hopes and expectations. She offers spiritually-focused education and counselling for couples in which one or both partners are converting to Judaism. • Relationship difficulties Anna works with couples, including same-sex couples and interfaith couples focusing on clarifying communication, roles, hopes and expectations.

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