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Myofascial Release Therapy or Therapeutic Massage

60min=65$; 90min=90$; Please reserve 24hrs in advance and wait for the confirmation by e-mail or by phone. Please specify if it is for 60 or 90 min(recommended for first appointment). Main Technique used is Structural Myofascial Therapy (SMFT) is a deep, hands on therapeutic technique coupled with postural somatic awareness exercises which treat the bodys myofascial system. Fascia is the membrane, or envelope, which surrounds the muscle tissue. This membrane is always affected when there has been injury or surgery. The fascia becomes less plastic and malleable. This in turn creates stiffness and decreases range of motion. Bodies that are pushed to their maximum also undergo an overuse type of situation that decreases plasticity and ease of movement. SMFT directly treats the myofascia thus liberating this tissue, returning the ability to move with ease and increasing end range of movement. With slow and deliberate maneuvers, this work accesses the myofascial structure with amazing efficiency. SMFT is an efficient series of techniques and postural somatic re-education exercises that return function to structure. Rejuvenating myofascial tissue that has become stiff and inefficient from injury, fatigue and over work is just one of the many goals and benefits of this work.

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