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Brian Donovan Fitness, LLC.

In-Home, Private Studio, & Online Personal Training

Sessions with Coach Brian involve a combination of strength, core, and resistance training in conjunction with high intensity interval and circuit-style training. Focus is placed on form and functional movements. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle mass, or just overall fitness, Coach Brian will give you all of the guidance, nutritional advice, and tools to help you get there. Clients are educated on nutrition, receive monthly measurements and perform strength assessments to mark progress. All clients have an online profile with a username and log-in that allows them to sync their workout programs with their phone calendar, as well as access to fitness and nutrition charts and graphs that allow them to track their calories, macronutrients, progress, and metrics such as circumference measurements, weight, and body fat %. They also have the option of having their daily workout emailed to them each morning, as well as access to a workout library with videos of each exercise to help them with their form.

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