BookMyCity FAQ

General FAQ

What is BookMyCity?
BookMyCity is an online booking platform that makes you look better, online. You get to share your schedule with both existing and new potential clients, while we offer them the most convenient way to book your services, in real time, directly online. You can then manage your appointments, your schedule, your customer base, and more. For more info visit our about page
Can anyone register their business on BookMyCity?
Absolutely! As long as you are a service provider and have appointment slots to be booked - you've come to the right place. Browse our existing services for a general list of service categories.
How can people find me on BookMyCity?
You have a few ways of being found:
  • Your business will appear in any search result of a BookMyCity user, in your area, as long as your business matches the user's search criteria (category, price, location, hours, etc.)
  • People can search your specific business by name/phone/address
  • You can provide your clients a url to
How can customers reach me, in case they have any questions?
Users will be able to ask you questions using the 'Contact Us' box on your business page. All communication will be automatically redirected to the business email you provided at registration. Users will also be able to contact you by phone, if you choose to provide that information.
How do I maintain my profile on an ongoing basis? Can I make changes to it?
Of course! Your business profile is whatever you want it to be. You can always go back to your account and edit your service offers, schedule, prices, staff info, etc.
How can I integrate BookMyCity into my company's website?
You can use an iframe to embed your BookMyCity schedule right on your company's website. You will be getting new customers booking on, while existing clients will be able to book appointments directly from your website. Go to the bottom of your 'Schedule' tab and follow the iframe instructions.

Registration FAQ

What information do I need to provide in order to register as a business on BookMyCity? Can I skip parts of the registration process and get back to them later?
Absolutely! The only information you must provide to get started is your Business Name, Email, Address, and choose a domain name (i.e The rest is up to you - the more services you list, providing a detailed availability schedule, the more convenient it is for users to find you and book your services on the spot.
What if i don't have a company logo / cover photo available?
You can leave it blank and we will display a default photo for you. Whenever you're ready to put up a picture you can just go back to your account settings and upload it.
Can I register 2 different email accounts for the same business?
No. You can only use 1 email address per account.
What if I want to schedule online but process payments in person?
Choose the 'in person' payment option on the 'Business Info' part of your registration. Customers will still be able to schedule your services online, but you will handle the payments in person.
Can I leave the Service Category blank?
No, this will be the search category by which customers in your area can find you, so it is in your best interest to be as specific as possible.
Can I choose multiple Service Categories?
No, for accuracy purposes, you will need to identify the category that best describes each particular service.
Do I have to provide staff information?
Yes. This is how we will determine booking availability for your schedule. You will need to add at least 1 staff member.
Can I add more than one location?
Yes, but you will have to open a separate account per location using different email addresses. This will allow each location's manager to handle scheduling and other activities that are specific to that location.
How do I add my schedule/availability?
On the 'Schedule' tab of your profile you will find two easy ways of adding your schedule to BookMyCity. You can choose to either specify individual time slots, or upload a weekly repeating bulk schedule. You can always combine the two methods - add in your basic schedule using the 'Bulk' upload, and then make specific changes (add/edit/remove time slots as required).
What if I have specific questions or need help during registration?
No Problem! Simply click the 'Live Help' popup on the right of the screen, and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you. Otherwise, you can email us at

Scheduling/Booking FAQ

How will I know when someone makes a booking?
As soon as a client books one of your available service time slots, you will be immediately notified by email/text (your prefered method).
What if I need to make changes to a specific booking?
You can edit any existing booking by logging in to your account and selecting the required appointment. Any changes that you make (rescheduleing, reassigning staff, etc.) will be automatically sent as an email notification to the client, and you will receive a notification once the client confirms your changes.
What happens when a customer cancels a booking?
As long as the cancellation is within the allotted time frame (depending on your selection for 'cancellation policy'), you will receive an email notification, and the time slot will become immediately available for other clients to book.

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